lundi 17 février 2014

Easy Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial For Beginners

Water Marble is an awesome way to create beautiful nail designs in a very short time. Although a lot of you might be familiar with this technique, not everyone that tries it the first time will achieve the expected look. I remember when I first tried water marbling, it came out ridiculous and I thought I would never get it right but trying it again and again until I learned it right, paid off. Toady I decided to share with you all a video tutorial that is meant to be for beginners but for everyone else in general as well because the design is outstanding and the tutorial below makes everything easy for you.
Simply follow the video tutorial’s step by step guide and I am sure all of you (beginners or not) will be able to achieve this awesome marbling nail design. Have fun doing it and don’t forget that you can play around with colours as well. Mix-match your own favourite nail polish and have fun doing it.
Easy Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial For Beginners

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