dimanche 23 février 2014

Beautiful Patterned Warm Colour Nail Tutorial

The nail design you see below is made of irregular triangle shapes that are met together in the centre of each of your nails. This gorgeous look is super easy to create and it is suitable for all kind of nails, short, medium or long ones. I find this tutorial to be perfect for beginners as well because the style is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Before you get start you need to make sure that you can paint a straight line with your manicure if you want to achieve a similar look as to the one below.
If you have a hard time creating straight lines with manicure, then feel free to use tape. Although the usage of tape mind take you a little bit more time because you would have to wait for each triangle painted in your nails to dry, at least the lines would be straight and your nails will look gorgeous. But if you feel confident to apply the nail polishes without the need of tape then feel free to do so. If you want to create the exact same design, you will need the exact same colour nail polishes of course. I find this combination to be perfect for every season and that is because the colours are warm and beautiful.
Start by applying a full coat of beige/pinkish nail polish in all of your nails and after that is being dried, add a pale beige triangle shaped on the side of your nail such as showed in the second picture. In the opposite place of the first triangle paint another one but this time in blue. Next to it paint another one but in golden glitter nail polish, and next to this one, paint another one in baby blue colour. Now, the colour range might change from nail to nail. Its not important on where and how you shape the triangle but to use the same colours in all of your nails. Make sure to apply top coat in the end and you are done! 8 easy steps for an awesome look.
Beautiful Patterned Warm Colour Nail Tutorial

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