dimanche 16 février 2014

Black Sparkly Eyeshadow Tutorial

Are you looking for a new way on applying your black smokey eye? then look no further. In this tutorial you are going to learn a very amazing way on how to apply black makeup for evening events and look fabulous. First of all make sure the eye lids are clean and the eyelashes are already done to your liking. Use a brush with a small head (also make sure the brush is clean because you don’t want to make a new colour to the one you’re using) Apply little or just enough of the black make up to half of your Eye -Lid
Wash the brush until its clean of the black make up (A good tip is when you see clear water dripping from the brush its clear of the colour you just used) Now apply the sliver to the remaining space on the Eye-Lid Then apply the Eye-line pencil to give it that extra kick and to make it stand out more (I suggest to use black because black gives more attention to the Eye-Lids and brings everything together very well ) For the final step put a reasonable amount of glitter on the index finger, place the index finger in the middle of the Eye-Lid and softly roll the finger right to left to apply the glitter and repeat the process on the other eye-lid. Add more glitter if you think it’s needed You are ready to show the world your new confident look
Black Sparkly Eyeshadow Tutorial

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