dimanche 23 février 2014

Double Lighting Bolt Nail Tutorial

This is not the first nail tutorial I bring to you that is done with the help of tape but that is because tape can minimize the time you need to create any nail design and of course, costs nothing and you can use it to create all sort of nail designs.
In creating the exact same look as in the tutorial below you will need three nail polishes: purple, silver and dark green. This is an awesome look for all different of seasons and if you don’t have the colours shown below but you feel comfortable by matching other colours such as red and black or gold and green, the go ahead and play around with colours. Start by applying a full coat of silver nail polish in all of your nails and then after the silver nail polish is completely dried add two different pieces of tape such as indicated in the second and forth picture. This is a double lighting bold nail design that is totally different from what you have seen before and is going to make you fall in love with it.
If you like to keep your nails simple, you can create this look with beige and gold nail polish. This is one of the simplest nail designs you can possibly try. What are you waiting for? go get the tape and start creating this awesome design on your nails.
Double Lighting Bolt Nail Tutorial

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