jeudi 7 novembre 2013

Pink & Black Half Moon Manicure- Picture Tutorial

The half moon manicure is one of the newest trends going on around. When I first saw this nail design I was stunned, and thought this should definitely be shared. The picture below is made by black and pink but you can choose any color combination you like. Make sure not to apply the darkest color first as is gonna be hard to apply the light color on top of the dark/black.
This is a very stylish design and so simple to do. Start by preparing the base. You can use glue tape or anything that has the circle shape where you can use half of it in order to create the half moon shape. The good thing is that you can put the half moon design at any part you like. But I love this one here. After placing the glue tape, add a coat of chosen nail polish and let it dry for few minutes before removing the tape. I am not the first one who ‘invented’ this design, and not taking the credit for it, I am simply sharing a beautiful design which is so easy to do; especially as now school has started and we are all so busy with school and studies. Get inspired with gorgeous nail art and keep your hands fashionable. Let us know how you made it and why not, share with us unique designs you have made.
Half_moon (4)
Pink & Black Half Moon Manicure- Picture Tutorial

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