lundi 25 novembre 2013

Gold Eyeliner Ideas

Eyeliner is a beauty product used to define and enhance women’s eyes. It was firstly used in the Ancient Egypt and soon after that women all around the world start using it-and they continue to do so even today. Although black eyeliner is the most popular one;there are many different colors of eyeliner women use and today I will talk to you about the amazing gold eyeliner and show you some great ideas on how to wear it.
By using gold eyeliner you will brighten up your eyes and achieve a fresh looking makeup; such as Smokey Gold Eyeliner; it is recommended only for gold eyeliner because black is too much to add; but gold looks totally awesome. Smudge it with a small brush for a better result.Another way to use gold eyeliner is by using black eyeliner first and then add the gold eyeliner on top for a more intense result.In case you have seen Nicole Scherzinger you have probably noticed that she likes to wear gold eyeliner on top of smokey eyeshadow; it looks very stylish and I absolutely love how she looks.
 Black and Gold eyeliner: now you can also mix together black and gold eyeliner in one makeup. You can apply black eyeliner on the top lashes and apply gold eyeliner on the lower lashes; or you can apply both of them on the upper lashes
Gold Eyeliner Ideas How-to-Use-Eyeliner-for-Different-Styles-3 Simple-gold-eyeliner tumblr_lx47lp81pU1qdfyn0o1_500 tumblr_mb4h89Gxge1r1agodo1_500

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