vendredi 29 novembre 2013

DIY- His and Hers Sillhouette Pillows

Thanks to the creativity and the wide array of super awesome ideas crafting and DIY project is pushing the limits of awesomeness with every new idea.  In todays DIY project we are going to present you a super creative and easy idea, great for an anniversary gift or adding a fun vibe in your bedroom.  The good thing about customized pillows such as printed his and hers silhouette is that the pillow get a personal and sentimental value. To cut to the chase,  follow this easy 6 step guide and  have fun.
1.The Needed Supplies

1.The Needed Supplies

Image Source: CremeDeLaCraft
• Fabric transfer ink
• Paintbrush
• Scissors
• Full-page printed profile images
• Pillow sham
• Iron
2.Cut the Image
2.Cut the Image

Cut the both images around the edges to create a silluethe pattern for the pillow.
3.Paint the picture with ink
3.Paint the picture with ink

Turn the images around and paint the blank page with the Fabric Ink. Leave the ink to dry out for 45 minutes.
4. Apply the picture on the pillow
4.Apply the picture on the pillow

After the ink is dry  apply the image with the ink side facing down onto the pillowcase.
5. Iron the picture of the pillow
5.Iron the picture to the pillow

Apply plain white page on the image and start ir0ning for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
6. Peel Off the picture
6.Peel Off the picture

Gently peel off the image out of the pillow.
7. Repeat the Procedure with the Male Silluethe
7.Repeat the Procedure with the Male Silluethe

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