mercredi 27 novembre 2013

Time to Craft This Pretty Mushroom House Candle Made from a Jar

Image Source: casaetrend
To make this mushroom house candle you will need an empty jar, polymer modeling clay, wax, cookie cutters, wooden sticks and a candle wick. First cover the jar with white clay. After that using a square cookie cutter make a window. Embellish the window with brown clay. Make the door with brown clay and cut a heart in the door using a cookie cutter. Then make the flowers and leaves vine around the door. Cover the lid with red clay and make dots with white clay. Then comes the candle part. To make the candle first stick the wick in the centre of the bottom of the jar with a little molten wax and then take the wick out and fix it between two sticks. Then melt some wax and carefully pour it in the jar. Let it cool and your mushroom house candle is ready to be gifted to your friends and family. Enjoy crafting

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