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I find this make-up very attractive and well looking, and might be worth trying. What do you think? If you are curious enough, don't hesitate just read our article/tutorial. Good luck!
For this make-up you might need several things. Here is our list:
  •  foundation as always
  • golden eyeshadow
  • brown eyeshadow
  • eyeliner / eyepencil
  • plastic eyelashes or mascara
  • powder
As we always start, please clean your face with water but the best is make-up remover, in order, to remove all dirt you might have on your face.
After that, apply your foundation, be careful which colour you use, because the right foundation is half success! We need foundation because it covers all your mistakes that you may have on your face, spots, or even freckles. Try not to use much, because if you do, your face will shine way too much. Try to look "natural".
After that, get out your golden eyeshadow, and cover your eyelid. Be careful, some might spread along under your eyes, try to remove them before you colour your lower eyelid!
When you think you did well, use your brown eyeshadow, and with a thin brush, draw a line from your inner side to out, on the upper part, as shown on the picture. Then, try to do this ">" shape at the edge of your eyes. Use a little brown under your eyes also, very close to your lower lashes. My suggestion is that if you can't do it, don't even try it, because if you mess it up, everything is been destroyed.
Now its time to use our eyepencil / eyeliner. From very in to out, draw a straight but thin line very close to your lashes, let it look like they are dissolved in each other.
Repeat it on your lower eyelid.
Now you can apply your plastic eyelashes, or your mascara. When you are done, use your powder and you have finished!
How do you like it?

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