vendredi 29 novembre 2013

DIY-Sparkling Mosaic Ornament from CD

Holiday crafting is one the most fun and creative activities of this season of the year. When it comes to decorating the Christams tree, we all like to be unique and add some cool and creative ornament. Therefore, we’ve decided to present you a pretty cool holiday project that  like the rest of our projects is easy to make and fun. A sparkling mosaic ornament made from old CD is a cool recycling project and most of all we are sure that you have a bunch of old CD that are out of use. Therefore, pick that  old ” Best Irish Compilation 96″ CD  and start making a cool ornament.

1. The Needed Supplies
1.The Needed Supplies

•  Glass ornament
•  CDs
•  Ribbon
•  Scissors
•  Glue gun
2. Cut the CD in various form pieces.
2.Cut the CD in various form pieces.

Cut the Cd with a quality pair of scissors because the CD is not so easy to cut through. Make a various shapes and forms out of the CD.
3.Glue The CD pieces to the plain ornament
3.Glue The cd pieces to the plain ornament

One by one with a glue gun start applying the CD pieces on the glass ornament.
4. Glue The rest of the CD Pieces
4.Glue The rest of the CD Pieces

Apply the rest of the CD pieces on the ornament.
5. Fill the ornament with golden ribbon
5.Fill the ornament with golden material

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