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Top 5 Winter Essentials

Are you having a difficult return from vacation? Your dressing is empty? and the only question that occupies your mind is: “What will I wear this winter? “.
The answer can be! grunge, navy blue, tweed, the boyish and much more. But what most matter is having the essentials which will keep you warm and stylish following the trends of the cold season 2013-2014 with the use of “no style” of school.
Below are the Top 5 Winter essentials you need to get to face this cold fall, of course colors and shapes vary from taste to taste, but the essential is having them anyway.

Top 5 Winter Essentials
Top 5 Winter Essentials
Number 5  The Oversize Coat
Lined coats . These articles are made of easy-care polyester and feature a sheepskin lining. They are perfect for a casual style
Of course colors are up to you and to which colors you most own for bags, scarves, shoes … In order to have a perfect match with your wardrobe.
  • The first coat is Marc by Marc Jacobs Max Wool And Angora-Blend Coat
  • The second one is a TARA JARMON collarless short coat
  • The 3rd is JOSEPH belted wrap coat
  • The 4th is NEIL BARRETT oversized coat
  • The last one is Alice + Olivia Jeanne Metallic Bouclé Coat


Number 4 The sweater
you may say that Sweater are a has-been trend and not at all glamorous.
Think again Sweater are back! they give a very casual and classy looks (according to the shape) and in addition they keep you warm.
  • This Sweater is from

Number 3 Pants
Of course it is obvious that pants are more suitable for winter looks than skirts, but it doesn’t mean that you can pair your outfits with a maxi warm skirt, Anyway for Hijabi girls it would be more appropriate to opt for large baggy pants, they give the modest look but you still can keep warm by wearing tights under as the large pants won’t stick on you to make you feel warm enough.
  • These pants are from

Number 2 Boots
There is many kind and materials, We love the pair of boots with  nails for their rock sound effect, they are generally made of leather
Also ankle boots are a very good choice for winter looks especially in a “very each to match” yet wintry color like brown, mustard and redwine they are very nice and trendy.
  • These boots are from

Number 1 Gloves
Useful when the cold weather arrives (you can read in previous articles how to choose the best gloves for this winter)
  • These ones are from

You will also need snoods (read the very recent articles on how to wear them with hijab)

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