mercredi 27 novembre 2013

Candles Decorated With Dried Flowers

If you are one of the people who  always ask more from a regular things, and you will reather make a super creative candle by yourself, than to get stuck with dull plain one,  then you have find your duty here. We are going to present you a super creative and easy to make project where you will figure as an artist of a candle.  Today’s project for you creative crafters is  Decorated candles with dried flowers. This project is super easy to make and you will need few supplies, little time and a looot of creativity. Follow the easy guide.
1.The needed supplies:
Image Source: Goodhomedesign
-Plain White Candles;
-Dried Flowers;
1.The Process

Step 1:  Heat the spoon over the candles.
Step 2: Pick a dry flower with the spoon and apply it to the plain candle.
Step 3: Press the flower smoothly on the edges to apply it on the candle
Step 4:  Cut the excess flower of the candle with a scissors.
Step 5:  Additionaly add grass or some other plant to accesorize the candle
Step 6: Hold the candle by the wick and dip it in a hot boiling cup of paraffin for a glowing finish.
Step 7: Leave the candle on a plate to cool off.
3. The Result
Candles-decorated-with-dried-flowers (1)

Image Source: Goodhomedesign
The decorated candle may surely make a statement in your living room and will constantly remember you of your creativity. Have fun doing this project and share your results with us.

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