vendredi 29 novembre 2013

Stunning Handprint Snowmen Ornaments to Decorate Your Christmas Tree


If you have already purchased the traditional round ornaments for your Christmas tree and have changed your mind to do something different then nothing to worry. Here is an idea that will let you use those same ornaments and giving them a whole new amazing look. To make these snowmen ornaments first paint a child’s hand with white paint as a small hand will be just perfect for the ornament’s size. Let your kid hold the ornament in the painted hand and you will get five prints of fingers that you will turn to snowmen and a print of palm that will form the snow bed. Then to detail the snowmen glue some ribbon bows to form their scarves and make their nose and eyes with a marker or paint. Add a few dots of white paint to form the snow fall. Hang these beautiful ornaments and feast your eyes with the wonderful view.

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