lundi 25 novembre 2013

Giuseppe Zanotti Colourful High Heels

The three time nominated “Designer of the Year”, Giuseppe Zanotti, brings for you all this colourful high heels you see below. The beauty of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes stands on the fact that they are made of high quality products and carefully designed by Zanotti himself.
This luxury brand was firstly created with only 15 employees at a small workshop in Italy, but today his company has over 350 skilled people that work hard everyday to bring to the world different shoes, jewelry , bags and other accessories.
Colourful high heels might be the perfect choice for summer, but the colours this special heels hold are so unique and well-matched that can be wore for different season’s of the year.
There are many ways you can match these colourful shoes, such as with blue outfit, orange, pink and even silver. But if you have a neutral dress that might be too pain and simple, you can spice things up by combining it with colourful Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and look absolutely stunning.
Giuseppe Zanotti Colourful High Heels
Giuseppe Zanotti Colourful High Heels

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