jeudi 28 novembre 2013

Hijab and Snoods Trends

Winter is coming, and you need to protect your neck and chest from the freezing cold, Learn how to choose and wear your snoods, because they are an essential accessory for this season.
In your “extreme cold kit”, among your hat, your gloves and your coat, your snoods should be there too. Essential accessory for winter,  snoods are to choose carefully: how to stay stylish and elegant, while protecting your body from the cold? it’s all a matter of colors and material, choose the ones in which you fell comfy and warm, opt for winter colors (we already wrote winter colors for this year so pick up some ideas and mix them to every winter accessory you’re about to buy)
Everything is possible to keep warm your neck and your chest: a snood is an accessory with which a wide variety of looks are possible. Enhance and brighten up an outfit with a touch of colors, Add to a set a bit of glamor and elegance, dress warmly, make a more sophisticated outfit … When winter comes, all the audacities are permitted: color , how to develop them, shape, size, …
The choice is vast: fleece, wool, fur, angora, … Whether solid colors or more sober, minimalist or XXL, you’ll find yours among millions!
Check these gorgeous snoods and choose yours

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