mercredi 12 février 2014

Stylish Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

No matter the event you are attending, smoky eye is going to add glamour and drama to your eyes like nothing you have tried before. Smoky eye makeup can be applied by everyone that has the right tools and some basic knowledge on beauty and eyeshadows, not just to makeup artists. This awesome grey and black smoky eye is a classic one that looks fabulous. Usually smoky eye can be created with any colour but dark ones are the best to make your eyes look deep and intense. You are going to need three different shades of grey. Light, Medium, and Black.
Start by applying foundation over your eyelids, and then apply the lightest shade on the inner corner of your eyes, and then medium light on the mid of your eyelid and then add the darkest colour by the end of the eyelid. Blend the colours well with each other so the makeup looks nice and smooth. Apply black eyeliner, black pencil and that’s how a beautiful smoky eye is done! Simply have a look at the picture tutorial below and you will be able to create this awesome look very easy. This is a perfect makeup for evening events, engagements, weddings, party’s, prom and so. Have fun creating it!
Stylish Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

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