mercredi 12 février 2014

Stud Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art has reached a new level, studs are now part of not only shoes, bags, dresses, jackets ect but nails too. I have tried many different decorated nail designs but this one is by far my favourite because it is simple, easy and looks gorgeous. In order to create this nail design you will need a red nail polish, studs of course ( you can get them on ebay for a very cheap price if you like), top coat. Start by applying the red nail polish in all of your nails except of your pointing finger. Let it dry and then place the studs such as indicated in the picture tutorial below. Apply top coat and you are done.
PS: Make sure to add the studs while the nail polish is still wet so they stick good. This is a very fashionable nail design that looks fabulous! Give it a go and share with us your final result.
Stud Nail Art Tutorial

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