mercredi 25 décembre 2013

Rainbow Tie Nails

We have heard many songs and lyrics about rainbow, we have seen breathtaking picture of it, we all feel happy when seeing a rainbow but this tutorial takes things to another dimension! Being a nail art lover, I am always on the search for new nail designs and I fell in love with this one in particular. For creating this awesome nail tutorial you will need a green, white and yellow nail polish.
You will need a very thick nail polish to create the small lines such as the tutorial below indicates. Start by applying a full coat of white nail polish and let it dry fully before start applying the yellow nail polish in a circular motion. Start by creating the circular nail polish in yellow and follow in green and then go back and repeat the same thing until the nail is fully painted.
This is a fun and happy nail tutorial that brings joy to your hands and make them look colourful and gorgeous! The good thing with this nail tutorial is that it doesn’t matter what nail length you have, it will always look gorgeous. If you don’t have these colours but have some others one that match well with each other, then you can match your own colours and look fabulous. Enjoy creating it and have fun while doing it. I look forward into creating this design in my own nails.
Rainbow Tie Nails - Tutorial
Rainbow Tie Nails – Tutorial

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