jeudi 26 décembre 2013

DIY Nail Polish

Nail polishes are not expensive but of course, why not creating a new one by yourself in a very easy way. I firstly discovered this method a few months ago; I tried it myself just last week for the first time and absolutely loved the result. While creating a new nail design, I realised I didn’t have a pink nail polish and it was then when I remembered that with eye shadow, I could easily create a new nail polish whatever colour I wanted.
For creating a nail polish by your self you will need eye shadow (whatever colour you might choose) and of course a transparent nail polish. I believe we all have a transparent nail polish, so if you have one too, then get ready to create a new one yourself, but then is the question, why buy a transparent on one when you can buy a colour you like, well that would be a good question but you will realise that creating a nail polish using eyeshadow will be awesome!
After choosing the eyeshadow colour you want to create a nail polish with, take the durst with a piece of paper or anything else that might help, and add it into the transparent nail polish. With a tooth stick mix the mixture together until the manicure has gotten his final colour and look. Apply it onto your nails as you would normally do, and then let it dry for a few minutes. You will realise that even after washing your hands, the nail polish will still be there. Try it now, and you are going to fall in love with this awesome tutorial!
DIY Nail Polish

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