mardi 24 décembre 2013

Side Ruffled Hijab in Only 5 Steps

While looking for an evening Hijab tutorial for an upcoming event I have to attend, I came across with this one below that I fell in love with! It is different from what I have seen before and what i love most is that it takes only five steps to achieve this beautiful look.
Choose a large shawl and start by pinning it on the sides such as shown in the first picture. Then after wrapping it around pin the left end underneath such as in the third picture. After doing so, carefully focus on the forth picture as that’s where the trick lays. It is not hard, simple take the side of the shawl and twist it around and then pin it with bobby pins.  Easy as that!
I love the result and can’t wait to try it myself but firstly wanted to share it with you all, as I love to inspire and share it all so every Hijabi can try it and make her Hijab look stylish when attending a family gathering, wedding, or even for engagement it can be a great idea.
I love the color this one below has, but considering it is Autumn, I would choose something less intense and that suits for this season. You can try any color or prints you like, this one is simply to show you the style! Stay tuned and enjoy creating this unique and stylish Hijab in only five steps! :D
Side Ruffled Hijab in Only 5 Steps
Side Ruffled Hijab in Only 5 Steps

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