mercredi 25 décembre 2013

Gothic Cat Nail Tutorial

Gold has always been a woman’s favorite and also the cat is one of our favorite pets. Now you can combined these two favorite things in a easy very exciting and fun technique.
1. to start this off make sure you have done all the pre work properly, clean nails, file your nails to get rid off excess waste and any other techniques that you do for your nails
2. Apply the gold nail polish on and let it dry properly (or the next process can get very messy)
3. Use a black pencil and carefully draw the outline of the cat’s head (do not stress if the outline is a bit messy because they want see it when you fill it in)
4. Fill in it in with a nice black color and let it dry once again.
5. Now grab a nice white color and began with the nose and mouth first and then apply the whiskies. 6. Now apply the nail glue and apply the eyes ( You can do matching colors or go wild and mix the colors up)
Now go out and enjoy your new design with two of your favorite things
Gothic Cat Nail Tutorial
Gothic Cat Nail Tutorial

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