samedi 28 décembre 2013

Quilted Nail Tutorial

Beautiful prints over your nails might look hard to create at first but with the right tutorial you will realise that in reality, it can be really easy.
All you need to know is below-one simple tutorial explains you in a very easy way on how to create these beautiful quilted nails that you see below.
In order to create the exact nail design you will need a black nail polish, a metallic one and a tooth stick that will help you create the dots shown below.
Start by applying a full coat of black nail polish in all of your nails and after making sure that is well dried, with the help of a pencil create same size dots in a straight line such as shown in the first two picture. Two on the sides and three in the middle-in a straight line. Now, with the help of the tooth stick connect these dots together with the help of other smaller dots. Now, in the first dots we used a pencil to create the dots because that makes the dots bigger as we needed the first ones but connecting them together is required something smaller such as the tooth stick and that’s why we use them in this tutorial.
This is a gorgeous nail tutorial that will help many of you creating something unique without the need of spending a bunch of money on nail saloons. Try it now and you are going to fall in love with it. You can create this nail design with different manicure colours, simply make sure the nail polish you apply matches the colour of the dots.
Quilted Nail Tutorial

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