dimanche 20 avril 2014

Pencil Eyeliner –Best, How to Apply, Wear, Use

00347994d7bcdf955a4f82f882b3c1e0Black pencil is one of the basics of beauty and makeup. Although there is nothing hard about applying it, I would like to share this easy tutorial that adds a bit of glamour and class on the simple black pencil. I am used to applying liquid eyeliner but that takes too much time and if making a wrong line, it ruins up the whole makeup. But pencil eyeliner is totally different. It is the perfect choice for when you are in a rush. Apply the black pencil such as shown above and then using your fingertip, or angled brush smudge the eyeliner such as indicated. Add a small touch of light green/white eye shadow right in the inner corner of your eyes. Apply black mascara and your daily makeup makeup is done in less than five minutes!

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