dimanche 20 avril 2014

Elegant Bags and Shoes Combinations

Evening events require you to wear an elegant dress-which of course needs classy, gorgeous shoes to combine it with-but how about the bag/clutch? Well, today I am showing you all, some awesome ideas on how to match your amazing heels with your bag for all different events.
Same Colour: This is the most popular combination of shoes and bags. Matching your shoes and bag -same colour- is not hard at all. But the tricky part is that they need neutral dresses such as white, black or beige to be combined with.
Opposites: Now, the opposite combination is fun but needs some inspiration to create it. By opposite matches I mean: white heels and green bag, or purple bag and mint heels (look at the pictures below for more ideas)
A bit of both: By that I mean a mix of both same colour bag and shoes but still there are some differences such as the third picture below where the studs and the shade of the beige changes, not much but you can  see the difference.
For more awesome ideas and combinations, please have a look at this 17 Beautiful shoes and bags combination ideas:

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