mardi 11 février 2014

Glamorous Black and White Eye Makeup

Glows with confidence is what this projects to the world and very yin and yang outcome. White and Black is something you can never go wrong with, it will go with any dark colored outfit.
1. Draw a black outline on the top eye-lid and began to fill in carefully.
2. With the maroon color just shade in a quarter of top outside corner and processed with the eyeliner (but don’t go corner to corner).
3. With a thin brush apply the white to each corner of the eye. The inside white line will be smaller than the outside line.
4. Now finish with the darken the eyelashes.
I hope you enjoy this little design which is a very ideal design for a impressive event. Keep in mind you can play around with any colors for finding the right match for the required event
Glamorous Black and White Eye Makeup

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