mardi 11 février 2014

Light Brown Eyeshadow and Hot Pink Lipstick

Light brown makeup is elegant and very glamorous, it can make a difference on how your eyes look if you apply it in a right way. This is a gorgeous makeup idea that can be ideal for all different events. As you can see in the picture below, the light brown eyeshadow is perfectly matched with a jot pink lipstick. Start by applying foundation over your eyelids, and then apply a very light nude eyeshadow in the mid of your eyelid and then apply dark brown eyeshadow around (inner corner of your eyes, and end of your eyelid).
Apply a very thin black eyeliner on your upper lashes, black pencil on your lower lashes, black mascara and you are done! As for your lips, a hot pink lipstick is the right colour that matches perfectly with this eye makeup. You can match this makeup with all different outfit colours but some dark ones that would go perfectly with this would be black, gold, or white dresses. Get inspired and create the best of your makeup with this awesome idea! It is worth trying and it only takes a few minutes.
Light Brown Eyeshadow and Hot Pink Lipstick

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