jeudi 6 mars 2014

Grey Hijab Trends

Grey is the perfect Hijab colour for this cloudy winter days. Although it might look like a plain colour to some, if combined with the right colours and outfit it can really make a difference. Grey is considered a neutral colour that matches with almost everything but there are some colours that matches really well with grey and below I will show you some awesome matches of grey hijabs with beautiful outfits from day wear to elegant ones for special events.
Grey and pink: this is the most popular and awesome colour of all. I had bought a pair of grey treasures before and just today I bought a pink top and they match perfectly together. You can play around with different items such as the one below of a grey hijab and pink neon top. This can be perfect for spring and summer as well.
Grey and Blue Pastel: the warm sensation of blue pastel goes very well with grey. Below you can find out how this match looks like.
Grey and yellow: The last picture below is a perfect example of how good grey looks yellow. As you can see most of the matches are being done with grey and a contrasting colour of your choice. However, you can also choose to keep the outfit dark for rainy days by wearing a grey hijab and a black coat. Enjoy the picture and get inspired with the beauty of grey hijabs.
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