samedi 22 mars 2014

Yellow Outfit Match-Ideas and Styles

Yellow is a beautiful bright colour that unfortunately doesn’t match with everything! It’s no secret that we all love yellow because of its intensity but matching it with other clothing or accessorise is the hard part. But today I am going to share with you all some of the best outfits styles and ideas of all Hijabis to match their yellow clothes the best way possible (based on the season as well).
Yellow is most commonly being wore during the spring or summer but if you have a beautiful top that is perfect for winter but the colour is making you have second thoughts about it, then don’t! Yellow can perfectly be wore for winter and it goes very well with black (such as shown in the 1st picture).
You can wear your yellow top with a black Hijab and black/white printed maxi skirt (or simply black maxi).
But during the spring, it is easier to match any yellow clothing and as you can see on the third picture a yellow maxi skirt goes perfectly with a white top and blue/grey hijab.
If you have an elegant yellow maxi dress, then don’t worry about the jacket to wear on top. Simply find a white jacket and you are ready to go!
For more, have a close look at this gorgeous pictures below that are well matched and awesome looking!
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