mercredi 5 mars 2014

White Bridal Hijab Veils and Dresses

The tradition of white wedding dresses, dates back on 1840 when Queen Victoria of England married prince Albert. She was the first ride to wear a white wedding dress as red was the post popular on that time.
White became the colour of many brides dresses worldwide and that is because white would symbolize wealth and purity. Although in many part of the worlds such as Indian, Pakistan ect red is still the main colour for the wedding day.
White might be a simple colour but if decorate in the right way can looks gorgeous and below I have put together a beautiful collection of white bridal dresses and hijabs.
If you like lace then below you can find some awesome white lace bridal hijabs for your wedding day-but crystals and rhinestone decorated white hijabs are my favourite of all.
Enjoy these awesome styles and choose your favourite for your special day! :)
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