samedi 22 mars 2014

5 Beautiful Hijab Wraps

You’ve been requesting many hijab tutorials for some wraps we’ve been sharing on our page, the loose hijab style, the headband one, the malaysian style and the chest coverage tutorial, we have already shared many before but we came out with some new beautiful ones that you might enjoy and learn from.

The first style is the loose hijab style made by the famous malaysian blogger Rnadia Sabrina that she calls “Pari Pari Style”

This style is a bit similar but requires two identical sides that are pinned up in the back.

I personally love this covering chest one with which you can also create some extra folds.

This is the headband style using a very short side to save more fabric for folds and chest coverage.

Finally this malaysian look with a loose wrap and a trendy pin back side.

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