vendredi 7 mars 2014

Gorgeous Leopard Outfits

Leopard prints are so elegant for all sort of outfits, whatever the item you own, a dress, a scarf or a shirt, these prints add so much class and elegancy to your look, generally matched to red; this combination is a breathtaking trend.
You can dare it with many colors, let’s imagine a maxi leopard dress with a black short jacket, a golden belt and sequin black pointed shoes.
I would also suggest a leopard shirt with a black scarf and a red maxi skirt, I actually worn this combination a week ago for a dinner out it looked gorgeous.
If your leopard prints are too dark with a white base, dark green would look very elegant with it.
I highly recommend adding a red touch to any leopard outfit they complete each others.
It’s always up to the prints, there’s more to beige and brown leopard pattern or black with a white base or darker shades of prints.
I hope these pictures inspire you and give you more ideas.

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