samedi 15 mars 2014

Classy Hijab Tutorial for All Events

Evening/Special events require you to dress in a classy way-which means a beautiful dress and an elegant hijab style. In order to achieve the amazing look, you need to start with your hijab-and learning this easy, gorgeous way on how to achieve that, is going to make your life way easier.
This is a side wrap that looks gorgeous and takes only 8 steps to achieve it. Looks sophisticated and suits to women at all ages. Start by choosing a long scarf because this styles is a cover-chest hijab style which is a perfect choice if you wear a tight dress upfront.
Simply follow the steps from one to eight and you will see by yourself how easy it actually is. In the last picture you can see there is a flower clip accessory on the side which is same colour as the hijab. You can either put that or keep it simple by wearing a necklace with the hijab because the tight scarf on the neck gives you the chance to try this hijab style with a necklace as well.

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