vendredi 7 mars 2014

Printed Hijab Styles and Trends

It’s time to bring to you all some of the best printed trends for this season. Although printed hijabs are the hardest to match, that is not going to be a problem after you read this article. Not only I will show you how to match each and every hijab print, but also what are some of the best designs and trends.First of all, let’s start with striped pastel hijabs such as shown in the first picture. When you wearing a striped hijab that has pastel colours, then it is best to pick one of the most intense colours that your hijab has and match it with a top of the same colour.
Keep it neutral: when you wearing a printed hijab that has too many colours and you have no clue how to match it, then the best way to do it; is by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral (look the picture number 2).
The leopard prints are one of the most popular for this season. The best way to match a leopard printed hijab is by wearing black, beige and peach. Choose one of this colours and  you will have no worries on how to match your leopard printed hijab.
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