vendredi 7 mars 2014

Burgundy Style – How To Wear It

The Burgundy Red is like the mustard yellow, one of the headlight colors of 2013/2014 winter: reflected in the collections of  almost all the most hypes fashion brands on the planet.
But how to wear mustard yellow without looking like a pie? check that in our old articles about mustard clothing style. Now our question is How to wear burgundy without looking like a vampire? Follow our advices and it will be faultless guaranteed!
Most of us wear it with black to keep it simple, but again black and burgundy will look so dark on you, it doesn’t mean that they don’t suit each others, they do, but it’s ttime to lighten up the burgundy shade now with some daring colors.
Have you ever tried it with stripes? I did and it’s honestly my favorite combination in my wardrobe so far,  a white and black striped blouse with a burgundy scarf and maxi skirt along with black flats and a black clutch.
This color also match with denim, they look gorgeous together and complete each others.
You can wear a sequin top with burgundy but not too sparkly, check Aishah Amin outfit, it looks beautiful with that top.
With off white, golden, baby pink … a lot of others colors far from black can make your outfit so trendy.
Check these looks for more inspiration











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