jeudi 6 mars 2014

Stylish Daily Hijab Tutorial

Are you looking for some gorgeous ideas on how to wear your daily hijab? Usually, most of us get stuck in one way of wearing hijab for months, or even years but it doesn’t have to be that way. You should wear your hijab with style and as a young woman that you are, there is no reason way to just wrap your hijab in a non-stylish way and get at the door!
This is a very fashionable hijab that is perfectly for daily use or even special events. All you need is to choose your favourite hijab and pin it under your chin.
Wrap the two ends of the hijab such as shown in the second picture and then get the back side of your hijab and push it and then pin it up. Tie the two ends of the hijab on the back of your head (or you can either use some pins if you don’t like to tie it).
This kind of Hijab is mostly used in Turkey but it is definitely worth trying because it looks gorgeous! Try it now
Stylish Daily Hijab Tutorial

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