samedi 22 mars 2014

Gorgeous in Black

Black is the simplest yet most gorgeous Hijab colour ever! We know it that a black Hijab is a must for every Muslim woman’s closet but nonetheless to say that not many of us find black to be attractive on daily basis and I believe that is because of the hard time we have combining it. But today I am going to give you some awesome ideas on how to wear black hijabs and look gorgeous in it.
1-Black and brown: Black and brown are two of the colours that never go out of fashion. In the first picture you can see a beautiful combination of these two colours. Just make sure to add a lot of accessories such as bracelets and rings because these two colours are very simple and some bling/accessories can really make a difference.
2- White and black: this is the classic combination that I absolutely love. In the second picture you can clearly see how awesome a black hijab looks with a black and white top.
3- All in black for special events: In the third picture you can clearly tell the class and elegance in it.
These and a lot more gorgeous combination of black hijabs both for daily wear and special events. Stay inspired with black. The simple, yet gorgeous hijab colour!

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