dimanche 9 février 2014

Swirl It !!

This delicate swirly nail design is fabulous for all nail art lovers and the good thing is that doesn’t take much time and it’s super easy to make. Start by applying a full coat of white nail polish in all of your nails. Let it dry for a few minutes (add another coat if needed) and then add three dots of three different nail polishes (of the same colour, just different shades) and with a tooth stick swirl the dots around to give a similar shape (design) of the one shown in the tutorial below.
Make sure to swirl the nail polish dot while they are still wet because if dried, is going to be hard to create this nail design. This is a beautiful design that can be achieved with all different nail polishes but this is my favourite because it gives a feminine sensation and a delicate look. Easy and fabulous in only few minutes. My favourite nail design -and most important can be done by beginners as well.
Swirl It! Nail Art Tutorial

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