dimanche 9 février 2014

How to Apply Green Eyeshadow Perfectly

This is an unique and beautiful design it has everything that you want the darkness in the brightness that just bring your eyes out into the public life it really will love doing this design.
1. Make sure that you have cleaned your eyes probably and apply the foundation around the eyelid.
2. Apply thick black line above the eyelashes and began to apply the green around the eyelid making sure you do it carefully.
3. With the black again but using a brush apply a little bit into the top corner of the eye to give it that shadow effect.
4. Using a brush and a line colour apply to the bottom of the eyelid from corner to corner and finish it with a black eyeliner. this look is a very confident look at you enjoy when you get confident you can begin to do other things and other colours
How to Apply Green Eyeshadow Perfectly: Makeup Tutorial

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