samedi 8 février 2014

How To Create The Perfect Valentine’s Day Manicure

Valentine day is around the corner and we are all exciting to celebrate this special day with out partner (except if you are single of course). But for all of you who want to create something romantic on your nails to show to your boyfriend/husband, then I have found for you all the right nail tutorial that is going to bring romance over your nails like nothing before.
Start by painting your nails with pink pastel/beige nail polish (such as indicated below) and then with a nail paint brush and yellow manicure, draw a fine line very close to your cuticles. Take a piece of sponge and blend the colours well together. With the same sponge, apply purple nail polish by the end of your nails and continue blending. Apply blue pastel by the ends and then a top coat of little nail polish to give some sparkles to your nails. Using a white striping brush, paint the heart shape such as shown below. Apply top coat and you are done! This is a fabulous nail design for valentines day! Try it and I am sure you are going to love it.

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