samedi 8 février 2014

Making Woven Chain Bracelets

While throwing away some old stuff the other day, I found a piece of golden chain and some strip, that inspired me into creating these gorgeous woven chain bracelets shown below. Not only the look fabulous, but are actually very easy to make. Below you will find all the instructions as well as the picture tutorial that shows you how to make your own woven chain bracelet.
You will need: Finding , Gold Chain ,Jump Rings ,Embroidery thread ,Pliers , Wire Cutter ,Glue
Measure your wrist with the golden chain and cut it to the size you need. Or if you already have a golden chain bracelet you no longer use, then ever better because this way you wont need to cut the chain to make it a bracelet. Cut piece of embroidery thread and fold it in half and tie it around the chain such as indicated below. After that is done, cut the ends and add some clue to keep it in place! And your woven chain bracelet is ready to wear!
DIY Fashion: Making Woven Chain Bracelets

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