samedi 8 février 2014

Hanging Hearts Nail Art Design-Tutorial

We have heard all different songs about hearts and love; we have read poems, seen movies and so on, but hanging hearts on your nails is a new nail design that is gaining a huge popularity lately and as Valentines day is around the corner, this is a good way to bring romance and love onto your nails and impress your loved one. All you need is a white, pink and black nail polish, the tutorial below and you are ready to get started. Start by panting your nails in white and after they are completely dried, start by painting few small heart over your nails. They don’t have to be all in one size or place. You can place then around as you please.
After the small hearts are painted, with a black nail polish and paint brush (thin one), paint a ribbon over each heart and then paint a straight line from the heart up to your nails such as shown in the tutorial below. Add a very small line of white nail polish in the side of each heart to create the highlight and you are done. Don’t forget clear top coat to make your nail design last longer and shine! Have fun.
Hanging Hearts Nail Art Design-Tutorial

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