samedi 8 février 2014

French Manicure Nail Art Design| Video Tutorial

French manicure is the most feminine and stylish nail art that every woman adore. What makes this French manicure unique from other nail designs you might have seen before are the extra details such as the little black hearts and the sparkly rhinestones. Start by preparing, shaping and applying the base coat over your nails. Straight away add three small rhinestones close to the cuticles. Make sure to apply the rhinestones while the base coat is still wet so they stick good in it. With a thin brush and white manicure paint your nail by the end in a French design. If you have a hard time applying a straight line without any help, apply tape to help you create the best French manicure.
With a thin brush and black nail polish paint some little hearts in an irregular shape and place such as indicated below. Apply top coat and you are done! Easy as that. Enjoy and have fun showing off your beautiful French manicure nails.
French Manicure Nail Art Design| Video Tutorial

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