samedi 8 février 2014

Cartoon Heart Nail Design Tutorial

We all have been cartoon obsessed when we were kids, some do even when they grow up, like myself. I love watching cartoons but what I love more, is this fabulous heart nail design cartoon inspired. It looks very girly and cute. Perfect for different occasions and the best thing is that it takes only a few minutes to be done and looks awesome. Start by applying a very light blue nail polish such as indicated in the first picture of the tutorial below. Let it dry and then paint a black heart by the end of the nail such as shown in the second picture.
After the black heart is totally dried, with a pink manicure paint another heart smaller in size inside the black heart such as shown in the third picture. You can either do this or paint directly the pink heart and then outline it with black nail polish. Add two small drops of white nail polish by the side of the heart to create the impression of highlights and you are done! Super easy and super fabulous!
Cartoon Heart Nail Design Tutorial

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