samedi 8 février 2014

Galaxy Stars Eye Makeup Tutorial

Get the universe on your eyes with this breathtaking smoky eye makeup tutorial that is going to make everyone get lost in the beauty of your eyes.
This is perfect for nights-out as well as special occasions! There are many different ways to wear smoky eye but this is different and unique. Start by applying foundation over your eyelid such as indicated in the first picture tutorial below. Apply dark blue (navy blue) eyeshadow by the end of your eyelid such as shown in the second picture. Apply dark purple eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eye and then add some medium blue eyeshadow at your lower lashes such as indicated. Blend all these colours well together and then apply black eyeliner such as shown in the forth picture. Add some grey glitter all over your eye makeup you just applied to make your eyes glow!
I would suggest a pale colour lipstick to match with this eye makeup, as an intense colour would be too much to go with it. Have fun creating it!
Galaxy Stars Eye Makeup Tutorial

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