mardi 4 février 2014

The Best Eye Shadow For Your Eye Color


 Wondering  what eyeshadow compliments your eye color ? Here is a quick look on what colors look good with your eye color.
Brown eyes
Women with brown eyes have the widest range of options when it comes to choosing shadow. The reason: Brown is a neutral, and it doesn’t tend to compete with colors in the same way that other eye hues do.
Hazel eyes
Hazel eyes contain a range of tones; they’re somewhere between green and brown and often have flecks of gold and gray that grant them a natural radiance.
Amber eyes
Amber eyes are so, so pretty, so unique and so different! They are a mixture of gold and brown almost and we love them!
Aqua eyes
Aqua (like blue) eyes would look amazing with brown eyeshadow, because brown and blue are opposite colors in the spectrum.
Green eyes
The pros all point to some variation of purple as looking the most beautiful on green eyes.You can also use silver and pink.
Blue eyes
Blue is a naturally cool tone, so warmer shades tend to set this iris color ablaze. Just keep in mind that when you have an eye color that’s light, like blue, avoid putting too much color on the lid. It distracts from the beauty of the eye.
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