mardi 4 février 2014

Eyebrow Shapes

I find myself obsessing over something new every fortnight- my hairstyle, my nail designor my makeup. But this time I am obsessing over the perfect eyebrow. So let me tell you some secrets about the eyebrows:
  1. Fuller eyebrows make you look younger
  2. Fuller/properly groomed brows allow you to wear less make-up
  3. Eyebrow hairs only last 10 weeks then fall out!
  4. Eyebrows help us express ourselves when communicating (so don’t pluck them so darn thin!)
  5. Remember, eyebrows are like sisters not twins, no two brows are identical!
One more: Each shape comes in 3 different sizes: thin, natural and thick.
Whats the name of your brow? Mine varies from Attractive Natural to Sexy Natural depending upon where I got my threading done from.


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