dimanche 9 février 2014

Love, Hearts, Romantic Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Take the romance to another level and paint your nails with this gorgeous nail art design filled with blossom hearts and leaves. It is perfect for valentines day, or any other day where you feel like creating something gorgeous for yourself and your partner. Apply base coat on all of your nails and then paint them in white. Apply more than one coat if needed. Sometimes white is hard to come out perfectly so a second coat might help achieving the perfect white surface on your nails.
With a black nail polish (or black acrylic paint) and a thin brush or a striper brush, carefully draw stems such as indicated below. With another thin clear brush and red nail polish carefully paint the small hearts such as shown in the tutorial. Draw the green leaves with green nail polish. Don’t worry if leaves come out in different shapes or size. Add some little white highlights over the hearts in order to create the impression of shinny 3D hearts. Apply clear top coat over your nail design and you are done! Easy and fabulous
Love, Hearts, Romantic Floral Nail Art Tutorial

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