dimanche 9 février 2014

Lace Nail Foils and How to Apply Them

Nail Foils have become very popular lately. There are numberless nail designs you can create with them but this one is my favourite so far. Not only the colours match so well with each other but the nail design itself is very feminine and stylish. You can buy different nail foils on ebay for only 0.99$!
1-Start by cutting the nail foil into small pieces that fit (cover) your nails. Make sure the piece to cover the entire nail, it is better to cut it bigger than smaller and have hard time covering the entire nail.
2-Paiint your nails in red (or any other colour you choose) and let it dry completely.
3-Apply foil glue and let it dry a little bit before sticking the nail foil on it. The timing that foil glue takes depends on what kind/brand you use but each foil glue has the instruction written in the back.
4-Apply the nail foil over your nails and gently press with your fingers or any other stick/tool that might help. Keep it pressed until its done.
5-Take off the nail foil carefully and then apply the clear top coat over your nails and you are done!
Lace Nail Foils and How to Apply Them

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