samedi 8 février 2014

How to Apply Smokey Eye – Picture Tutorials

Smokey eye has been on trend for awhile know and it doesn’t seem to fade any time soon. The only trick you should know when it comes to applying smokey eyeshadow is to blend it good, really good. How to Apply it: First of all apply a good foundation. Then apply dark eyeshadow, black, brown dark purple and so on. Make sure to blend the color really good. Then add eyeliner-for a better result use black eyeliner pencil as they are easier to smudge. Finish with several coats of black mascara. Wolah! There you have it, ready in only 10 minutes. Tips: Always keep your lips nude when applying smokey eyeshadow otherwise you will ruin the looks. If you want an unique and stylish smokey eye go for a blue ones. Apply dark blue eyesahdow and eyeliner. It will make your eyes pop! The picture tutorials below show you better how easy and stunning smokey eye looks. Follow the steps below carefully and I am sure you will be amazed with the result! Hot trend for this summer 2013 that you shouldn’t miss.
brown black smokey tutorial WATERMARKED

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