samedi 8 février 2014

Glamorous Makeup

OMG this is great !
With this make up you are going to look amazing .
And the best of all is that I’ll show you how to do it alone . It’s really easy technique .
First you need to do is applying foundation over your eyelids.
Next step is applying the brown eyeshodow with small brush such as in the 2nd picture.
Be careful because you need to blend it quiet well so it doesn’t look terrible .
Here we go with the next step , which is applying the beige eyeshadow and make to blend it with the brown eyeshadow so it looks a natural fading makeup
And finally apply a fine winged eyeliner and then at the end add a double line by using a gold sparkly eyeliner , that will make your eyes sparkle.
Just don’t forget the black mascara and here you are  with your glamours look.

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